Take a closer look at CryptoPerformance Group and its innovative fintech projects for individuals and businesses worldwide

"Together these projects form CryptoPerformance Group, bringing innovative fintech solutions to businesses and individuals alike."

Founder of CryptoPerformance Group

Horst Staebler

It is thanks to Horst Staebler and his ability to build relationships that CryptoPerformance has quickly grown to such a large and steadily increasing number of users and investors. He has developed the basis in over 30 years in the areas of sports marketing and capital education

Horst was a successful Porsche racing driver in Europe for eighteen years recording countless victories during his successful career. Through all of his activities, he draws on an enormous wealth of experience and shares the  CryptoPerformance vision with executives from all over the world. He is a born coach and winner with a great passion for global marketing.

Founder of CryptoPerformance Group

Giuseppe Rimola

With an above-average commitment to personal growth and hard work, Giuseppe Rimola motivates others to work just as hard on their personal lives as they do on their company. Giuseppe is partner, leader and motivator for CryptoPerformance. Giuseppe communicates daily with the cooperation partners, programmers and sales partners. He encourages the CryptoPerformance promoters every day and helps them focus on goals.
Giuseppe has many years of advanced training in the crypto industry. This experience is used for the crypto community. The enormous expertise enables others to get to know this market better and to actively participate, and that is the goal of CryptoPerformance.


Victoria Kolossov

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Mc Ginty

Marketing Manager
Founding Leader

Khai Nguyen

Chief Product Officer

Daiana Basili

Head of Support
CCO - Chief Compliance Officer

Markus Meier

Chief Developer
Project Manager CP Group

Daniele Gianfreda

Movie and Graphic Manager

Enza Rubera

Support Assistance

Albina Volchenko

Head of Trade Finance

Luciana Aloi

Support and Compliance Assistance

External Advisors

Stefano Della Torre

Web3 Marketing and
Communication expert

Stefano is a hands-on advisor and team lead, expert in strategic brand positioning and cutting-edge growth hacking. He adeptly harnesses technology to boost market visibility and secure sustainable growth. Dedicated to formulating actionable strategies, Stefano propels businesses forward in the digital landscape.

Enrico Lugnan

Web3 Gaming and blockchain expert

Enrico Lugnan, a pioneering web3 Founder. Enrico leads a team focused on delivering the most innovative Web3 Game concepts to date. Enrico is passionate about web3 gaming business models and crafting go-to-market plans powered by crypto, NFTs, metaverse integrations, and more with his unconventional, metrics-driven approaches.

Vittorio Conti

Metaverse and 3D Development Expert

Vittorio Conti, a distinguished game development expert, brings over 15 years of experience from AAA gaming houses, including his pivotal role as the former Senior Ambient Director for blockbuster titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 from Rockstar Games. His visionary approach and leadership have been instrumental in shaping memorable gaming experiences, blending storytelling with interactive gameplay to captivate audiences worldwide

CEO's Letter

From the team at CryptoPerformance we would to thank you for your interest in our projects and we look forward to providing you with an insight into the realm of the CryptoPerformance Group. Behind CryptoPerformance is an innovative and diverse team, that allows us to combine finances, innovation, technology and marketing to provide the best solutions for individuals and professionals on the market.

Horst Staebler & Giuseppe Rimola

Goals and Values

Our goal is to create a decentralized world of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. For this we want to make a fair contribution. With our values of transparency and honesty we want to make the idea of CryptoPerformance successful.

Safety : CryptoPerformance operates under the rules of financial, operational and legal safety, as well as AML and KYC regulations. All transactions are processed via encrypted HTTPS connections with the use of safe TLS protocols and encryption algorithms.

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